Are you prepared for a disaster? 

Assess, Advise, Refer

Ready Home Program is all about you and your family’s preparedness for emergencies big and small. We are committed to delivering high quality, customized preparedness advice, and assistance to households and small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ready Home Program is all about disaster preparedness in your home or small business:

The Ready Home Program
  • California is now in a continuous cycle of natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, power outages, floods, mudslides, etc.)
  • Putting plans and materials in place NOW can bring peace of mind and confidence before and during an emergency.
  • Ready Home Program is a calm, supportive, and competent partner in preparedness.
  • We can help bring you from a place of anxiety and deferral to action and confidence.
  • There are many different ways to prepare and we can do it for you, in collaboration with you, or provide you with resources for do-it-yourself.
  • Ready Home Program is here to work with you or on your behalf to accomplish your preparedness goals according to your specific needs, time constraints, and budget.

Ready Home Program is a trusted partner to be with you, your family, and coworkers along this journey towards preparedness.