About Us

Jim Fazackerley owner of The Ready Home Program

Jim Fazackerley is an emergency preparedness educator committed to revealing the strategies and materials to help families and individuals get ready for disasters. Unfortunately, damaging extremes of weather, explosive wildfires, and even mass violence are all parts of a “new normal” in our lives.

Jim decided to create Ready Home Program as a vehicle to deliver high quality, customized preparedness advice and assistance to households and small businesses.

Jim has over 3 decades of experience on the frontlines and the back offices of emergency services (Emergency Medical Services Operations Chief, EMS Captain, field paramedic, 911 dispatcher, research author, Community College Instructor) and over 5 years as leader of a community disaster council.

“I really want to focus on the ways to alleviate some of the fear and sense of powerlessness that circulate before and after these events.”

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