We Could All Use A Bit of Resiliency

While winding down a part-time career teaching paramedic students a few years back, it occurred to me ( like an inside pitch can “occur” to a batter) that first responders in general and paramedics in particular were not getting some of the training they need to survive for the long haul in their careers. IContinue reading “We Could All Use A Bit of Resiliency”

Can You Hear Me Now

Any emergency management expert or public safety worker, for that matter, will tell you that the biggest “issue “(code word for -problem) faced by responders during a disaster is communications. I get it. After attending and trying to manage literally dozens of multi-patient incidents over a 20 year stint as a paramedic supervisor, I canContinue reading “Can You Hear Me Now”

Why Do We Procrastinate About Disaster Preparedness ?

Twelve hours left to go with National Preparedness Month and I’m still procrastinating. Procrastination actually works for me in a way because it allows me to quietly simmer atop a heating stove from some looming deadline or other.   Once the deadline gets hot enough, I spring into action with a load of needless stress andContinue reading “Why Do We Procrastinate About Disaster Preparedness ?”

Can we chat – about preparedness ?

Welcome to our home on the Web. I’m Jim Fazackerley, emergency preparedness educator, committed to revealing the strategies and materials to help families and individuals get ready for disasters. Unfortunately damaging extremes of weather, explosive wildfires, and even mass violence are all parts of a “new normal” in our lives. We want to focus onContinue reading “Can we chat – about preparedness ?”