Additional Services

Consult, Assist, Train

$75 per hour

Ready Home Program will conduct focused, customized assessments to identify strengths and vulnerabilities in your preparedness and provide a plan to achieve your goals

Custom Emergency Preparedness Plans: 

Ready Home Program will draft an emergency plan or help you adjust your current plan:

  • We evaluate risks and hazards to particular individuals, your family, or co-workers
  • We evaluate your local community’s capacity to respond and preparedness resources
  • We list specific steps to prepare you and your family
    • Short term — kit procurement, defensible space, etc.
    • Longer term — training classes, seismic upgrades, etc.
    • Develop Emergency Action Plan including communication and evacuation elements

Conduct Exercise / Emergency Drills
Ready Home Program will design and conduct emergency drills for your residential home or office.

Logistical Advice/Assistance
$60 per hour

Logistical Advice and Assistance1

Ready Home Program can create or purchase an emergency kit on your behalf.

Emergency Kits

  • Recommended items
  • Purchase and / or assemble items within your budget
  • Create and execute a storage design
  • Provide orientation to what your kit contains and explain potential applications

Ready Home Program can find, schedule, and coordinate contractors or other specialists to improve your home or office safety.  Example: seismic upgrades, replacement or removal of hazards, etc.

Training / EducationTraining and Education 1
$140 per hour

Ready Home Program can design, conduct, train, and hold education sessions.

Neighborhood Meeting $210 –  90 minute session Organization of meeting to provide

  • Preparedness topics: emergency kits, food, water, identifying those who are vulnerable in your neighborhood, hazard identification, etc.

Introduction to citizen emergency response skills (2-hour program)

  • Fire Suppression and Extinguisher basics
  • Basic building search and victim extraction
  • Utility shutoff
  • Disaster first aid
  • Incident Command System and disaster communications.

Disaster First Aid (3-hour program – (up to 12 participants)

  • Life Threat Assess
  • Protect Airway
  • Stop the bleed
  • Splints and slings
  • Lift and Carry

Resiliency Skills (2-hour program – (up to 12 participants)

  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Exercise
  • Breathing

Neighborhood Readiness Workshop (2-hour program)

  • Before the Event, Being Prepare
  • Personalized disaster plan
  • Earthquake
  • Fire
  • Storms/Landslides/Floods/Power Outages
  • Living in disaster areas (communication, travel, recovery)
  • Neighborhood Preparedness

Disaster Recovery Workshop (2-hour program)

  • Displacement / Relocation
  • Disaster Relief/ Financial Assist
  • Insurance Information
  • Personal Property
  • Smoke / Water Damage
  • Cost of Repairs
  • Selecting a Contractor
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Safety post-disaster
  • Recovering Valuables
  • Trauma Intervention & Grief Counseling
  • Avoiding Disaster Scams
  • Civil Rights Laws relating to Disaster Victims with Disabilities
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